DevOps and Goliath: The Microsoft Toolchain

Most people associate DevOps with open source platforms and applications and with good reason. In the forward for the book Continuous Delivery with Windows and .NET, Dave Farley, who literally wrote the book on continuous delivery, writes, “I think it fair to say that some of the initial innovation in the Continuous Delivery space came from the Open Stack community.” But Microsoft has been pushing itself as a viable option for continuous workflows, offering its Azure cloud platform and its Visual Studio Online products as alternatives to Linux-based solutions.

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Could This Be The Ultimate DevOps Dashboard?

Many enterprise software hopefuls tackle the final stretch to becoming a mature offering through the development of an easy-to-use management GUI. This is especially true of DevOps and automation tools, as quite a few solutions have recently rounded out their platforms with web-based UI consoles for easier, visual management of resources and services.

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Salt vs Chef

Configuration management (CM) and Remote Execution tools are fast becoming the tools of choice for many a sysadmin or devops pro. If you consider that the point of computing is to make our data management easier, then CM tools make are the next level of that logic – they make it easier to manage the large groups of servers that make it easier to manage our data. CM tools are great for all sorts of routine activities in the data center: automation of scripts on a number of servers, remote execution and deployment, provisioning and installing the same software on a bunch of new servers, and so on. CM tools will enable you to execute stuff like: “I have this command I want to run across 100 servers. I want the command to run on all of them within a five second window.

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