Opsworks vs Hosted Chef

Opsworks and Chef are very similar Configuration Management (CM) tools. Opsworks is actually built on the Chef framework, then customized for Amazon’s giant cloud environment AWS. Hosted Chef is an IaaS solution from Chef parent company Opscode, in which they host the Chef server for you, and it in turn manages and communicates with your nodes, which are most likely also hosted in a cloud infrastructure such as Amazon’s EC2 infrastructure. So both solutions are evolutions of the traditional CM tool, now tweaked for cloud-hosted environments. Let’s peek behind their respective curtains.

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Opsworks vs Puppet

Retail giant Amazon through its AWS platform is the largest IaaS and PaaS provider in the world. In early 2013 Amazon announced the rollout of Opsworks, an “Integrated DevOps application management solution”, according to the website ( So it’s basically a customized CM tool for AWS is what they’re saying. This brings it into competition with another CM giant, Puppet Labs, though as we’ll see this may not be the apples-to-apples comparison it initially appears to be.

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