UpGuard Helps You Find The Right Steps

It is increasingly hard to trust your technology as it scales along with your business. New servers, network appliances or applications are constantly added to your IT environment in costly efforts to optimize your business needs. With increasingly strict regulatory rules in place, this leaves many of us worried about IT backlash.

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UpGuard Procedures: Digitize Runbooks. Reduce Poor Documentation.

Most engineering teams we connect with tell us they do not have any runbook repositories of documentation for logging their processes.

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ServiceNow vs JIRA

Ticketing systems are essential to today's enterprise IT help desk operations—without them, service requests and issues would end up lost inside a flurry of emails and handwritten notes. Both JIRA's Service Desk and ServiceNow are leading solutions in this category; the latter has a 25% share of the IT service management (ITSM) market, while Atlassian—though more software developer-focused—is a household name when it comes to project management and collaboration tools.

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ServiceNow vs BMC Remedy

When it comes to IT service management (ITSM) platforms, the two main contenders that usually come to mind are ServiceNow and BMC Remedy. Not surprisingly, these two vendors collectively own 50% of the ITSM market, according to Gartner's latest numbers. Let's find out how they compare in helping operations support and deliver enterprise IT services.

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ITIL vs DevOps

People seem to have a hard time deciding what DevOps even is, much less how (or whether) it compares to a highly structured methodology like ITIL. To answer the big questions up front: no, you don’t have to choose between DevOps and ITIL; no, DevOps is not replacing ITIL or vice versa; no, DevOps will not solve all the problems of an ITIL environment, and no, DevOps will not be perfected by implementing ITIL. But building good IT processes is they key to resilience, and UpGuard can help.

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COBIT vs ITIL vs TOGAF: Which Is Better For Cybersecurity?

Adding a little bit of structure into one's affairs never hurts, especially when it comes to IT business processes and assets. To this end, various frameworks offer blueprints for achieving key organizational objectives like compliance and security. Three of the more popular frameworksCOBIT, ITIL, and TOGAF—are widely used by enterprises in this regard—let's see how they compare when it comes to bolstering cybersecurity and digital resilience.

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