Tripwire vs Puppet


In terms of what they do and how they work, Tripwire and Puppet have little overlap. Tripwire is for monitoring changes and Puppet is for configuring servers. The reason for tracking changes and configuring servers, however, brings them together as two approaches to compliance automation and, ultimately, reducing risk in computing systems. We’re going to compare Tripwire to Puppet here, not necessarily as identical tools, because they do have mostly different functionality sets, but how they fit into an IT environment.

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Hosted Chef vs Puppet Enterprise

As the two leading IT automation platforms by market share, Chef and Puppet have been compared against each other extensively—for UpGuard’s recent take, please see Puppet vs. Chef Revisited. In this comparison, we’ll instead approach matters a little differently by comparing and contrasting Hosted Chef—the SaaS version of the product—with the full-fledged, flagship Puppet Enterprise offering.

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Puppet vs Chef Revisited

Puppet and Chef have both evolved significantly since we covered them last—suffice to say, we’re long overdue in revisiting these two heavy-hitters. In this article we’ll take a fresh look at their core components along with new integrations and expansions that continue to position them as leading enterprise IT automation platforms.

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7 Configuration Management (CM) Tools You Need to Know About

 In a few short years DevOps has gone from a fringe movement to a must-have for any IT leader. There's a lot of buzz around it, but there's alot of practical knowledge in there as well. Provisioning environments, deploying applications, maintaining infrastructures--these are all critical yet delicate tasks traditionally done by hand. What if we could get a machine to do all that stuff for us, not just saving hours of work but also removing the element of human error?

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5 Commonly Encountered Problems in Puppet Enterprise and How to Address Them

Puppet Enterprise is a great platform for automating the configuration and deployment of applications to servers, but as a sophisticated infrastructure management tool with numerous interconnected moving parts-- can be a challenge to troubleshoot when things go awry. This is especially true when dealing with cascading errors that are hard to isolate for resolution. What follows is a short list of some of the more common issues one may encounter, and a few tips on how to troubleshoot and resolve them.

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Pallet vs Puppet

Configuration Management (CM) tools like Pallet and Puppet are to sysadmin and DevOps professionals what a dishwasher is to an exhausted homeowner who’s just come home to the pile of dirty dishes from last night’s party – a huge life and time saver.

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SCCM vs Puppet

Open-source vs. proprietary? In the software universe, this debate has raged on in almost all sub-sectors – OS’s, databases, and even in the CM arena, where SCCM vs. Puppet are two of the heavyweight champs slugging it out. But beyond that philosophical difference in origin, they also take two completely different paths to the destination of easing the sys admin’s life.

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Ansible vs Puppet

Today’s sys admin and devops professionals have to manage, on average, a much larger number of servers hosting a much larger number of applications, than their counterparts from as recently as the 90’s. Blame this on the exponential growth on computing for organizations, coupled with the emergence of new technologies such as virtualization and cloud computing.

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Opsworks vs Puppet

Retail giant Amazon through its AWS platform is the largest IaaS and PaaS provider in the world. In early 2013 Amazon announced the rollout of Opsworks, an “Integrated DevOps application management solution”, according to the website ( So it’s basically a customized CM tool for AWS is what they’re saying. This brings it into competition with another CM giant, Puppet Labs, though as we’ll see this may not be the apples-to-apples comparison it initially appears to be.

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Puppet vs Chef - The Battle Wages On

 So, Puppet or Chef? A question of configuration automation & provisioning that has started more than one flame war in its time. Whilst perhaps not helpful for those charged with implementing an automation solution for their business the most appropriate answer really is "It depends." Many have argued that (considering the alternative) using either is fine. Just get started!

There are differences though, both with the technologies and the companies behind them, that an understanding of both may make your choice a little easier.

* check out Puppet vs. Chef Revisited for an updated comparison.

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