Tenable vs Rapid7

Users of Intel Security’s McAfee Vulnerability Manager (MVM) have a choice to make before that product hits end-of-life in early 2018. They can either follow Intel Security to Rapid7’s Nexpose vulnerability monitor, or reassess their needs and choose a new direction all together. Either way, IT operations for those customers should plan on a migration away from MVM within the next two years, which in most cases is enough work to justify at least examining the field of vulnerability management products. Tenable, with their SecurityCenter, has been a major competitor in this field, piggybacking on the success of their industry-standard Nessus vulnerability scanner.

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Top 10 Windows 7 Vulnerabilities And Remediation Tips

Upon its release, Windows 7 was hailed as "the most secure Windows ever"—true enough at the time, but its predecessor Windows Vista didn't exactly set a high bar security-wise.  Nonetheless, the updated OS shipped with literally hundreds of security changes and additions, addressing the needs of a more security-conscious home and business user base with features like AppLocker, BitLocker Drive Encryption technology, and more. Despite these improvements, Windows 7 has its own set of critical vulnerabilities—here are the top 11 on the list and how to fix them.

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