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Last updated by UpGuard on September 20, 2019

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It is increasingly hard to trust your technology as it scales along with your business. New servers, network appliances or applications are constantly added to your IT environment in costly efforts to optimize your business needs. With increasingly strict regulatory rules in place, this leaves many of us worried about IT backlash.

News of ransomware attacks (like WannaCry) and hackers getting access to sensitive data are common in today’s world. This leaves most companies reacting to symptoms of the root problem instead of solving it. UpGuard's Procedures helps you better manage IT risks and empowers you to find and solve the root deficiencies in your environment.


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Procedures  reduces IT risk by ensuring that your nodes are configured right. With our extensive library of best practice provisioning templates, you are always able to choose the right procedures for the job. For instance, proper SSL configuration is essential for establishing a secure connection between a browser and your web server. UpGuard's Procedures library consists of CIS policy templates, a security benchmark major companies can easily implement to keep checks like SSL in place.

Other than using CIS policies, you can create custom procedures that adhere to your organization’s IT guidelines. With UpGuard Procedures, your IT Ops team is able to confidently execute and perform routine tasks. This keeps your IT environment free from human error, and integrates resilience from attacks from external sources.


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