UpGuard Procedures: Digitize Runbooks. Reduce Poor Documentation.

Last updated by UpGuard on July 24, 2019

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Most engineering teams we connect with tell us they do not have any runbook repositories of documentation for logging their processes.

The teams are so focused on churning out new features,capabilities, and releases that documentation takes a backseat. Document updates simply can’t keep up with their processes, and to top it off,  agile development methods  mean that bugs and other issues get worked on immediately with no documentation.

While being agile helps teams move and react quickly, these benefits are nullified if all time and resources are spent on preventable issues. UpGuard helps to digitizes your runbooks into release management templates and ensures that they are easy to read and modify  by your team. This enables close integration with your IT processes and ensures that your runbooks are up to date and capable of being automatically executed by your team.

A library to choose from

UpGuard Procedures

UpGuard's Procedures Library consists of a list of release process templates  that you can store and apply to your IT assets. This includes common procedures such as:

Each template is built from policies that guide  you through the process of asset provisioning. These policies align with industry accepted security frameworks like CIS and minimize the amount of  vulnerabilities or misconfigurations in your environment.

See how UpGuard builds resilient IT processes

Build custom procedures

In addition to the existing release templates in UpGuard's  library, you can build custom procedures from any policies you need. Policies are reusable and can be applied to multiple procedures. For example, you can apply a single policy to ensure that IIS is properly configured across your entire set of Windows nodes.

 After building your procedures, you can scan them against the relevant node groups to ensure that the configurations are in line with your organization's IT policies.


Not only does UpGuard Procedures digitize your runbook libraries, but automated validate ensures  that any provisioned nodes are properly configured. UpGuard Procedures saves the team time, costs, and allows everyone to focus on the most important value added work.

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