Automated Software Testing with ScriptRock

Streamlining the delivery of quality software to ensure that quality is baked-in at every step.

Visibility is the Master Prerequisite

Software development these days highly automated. From development to testing to production deployment, environments and processes are standardized to maintain consistency and control. However, the necessary precursor to automation is visibility. Any efforts to enforce integrity and preserve quality are futile without proper awareness of the state your systems are futile.

Software Testing for High Velocity

More often, automated test cases cover software code but fail to account for environmental configuration differences that can lead to failure. ScriptRock’s policy-driven testing framework can automatically discover these discrepancies for immediate resolution—before reaching production. WIth our platform, organizations can be confident that every phase of the continuous software delivery pipeline has been validated for quality and consistency.

An Overwatch for All Use Cases


Whether it’s monitoring security configurations to maintain a strong security posture, tracking system changes to ensure compliance with regulatory measures, or any number of use cases that require keeping a constant watch over system configurations, ScriptRock’s powerful monitoring capabilities will alert you immediately when your infrastructure’s state has deviated from policy.

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