10 Things I Love About DevOps

Last updated by Mike Baukes on July 24, 2019

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It is no secret that we here at UpGuard love DevOps and we're not ashamed of it. I know that opinions vary as to what exactly DevOps is or isn't, but the more important part of the movement is whether we as individuals want to push the limits of what we thought was impossible only just a few years ago. We've been 'doing DevOps' for some time and have a cautionary tale to tell as well, but we believe that DevOps can be transformational for IT enterprises and advocate for organizations to activate DevOps in their businesses. I know how we all love lists, so here is my Top 10 Things I Love About DevOps:

#1 It's about teams improving processes...continuously.

#2 It's the first opportunity to really review the whole delivery lifecycle from inception to decommissioning.

#3 Security can have a place at the table, earlier than delivery.

#4 People care about testing & the implications of quality for businesses.

#5 There is the potential to restructure IT organizations to be significantly flatter hierarchies, perhaps similar to manufacturing analogies of the "SOA Age", but probably similar to light weight delivery cells.

#6 People are willing to try new things and experiment with failure.

#7 Measurement is a real thing that companies care about, not just in production but in the delivery cycle.

#8 A community is forming steadily with pragmatic stewards who realize the hype is negative but are also interested in using it as a powerful force for change.

#9 There is a willingness to iterate fast - there just needs to be expectations set early on as to what failure vs learning means.

#10 Customer engagement & impact are increasingly being reiterated during the delivery cycle across all components of the delivery chain (Infrastructure, Capacity, Development, Support, Sales, Marketing, Service).

What other reasons should we add to our 'why we love DevOps' list? I'd love your comments.

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