10 Things I Hate About DevOps

Last updated by Mike Baukes on July 25, 2019

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DevOps and I sort of have a love/hate relationship. DevOps is near and dear to our heart here at UpGuard and there are plenty of things that I love about it. Love it or hate it, there is little doubt that it is here to stay. I've enjoyed a great deal of success thanks to agile software development and DevOps methods, but here are 10 things I hate about DevOps!

#1 Everyone thinks it's about Automation.

#2 "True" DevOps apparently have no processes - because DevOps takes care of that.

#3 The Emergence of the "DevOps' DevOp", a pseudo intellectual loudly spewing theories about distantly unrelated fields that are entirely irrelevant and are designed to make them feel more intelligent and myself more inadequate:

"The Copenhagen interpretation certainly applies to DevOps"

"I'm modeling the relationship between Dev and Ops using quantum entanglement, with a focus on relative quantum superposition - it's the only way to look at it. Why aren't you?"

#4 Enterprise Architects. They used to talk about the "Enterprise Continuum". Now they talk about "The Delivery Continuum" or the "DevOps Continuum". How about talking about the business guys?

#5 Heroes abound with tragic statements like "It took 3 days to automate everything.. it's great now!" - Clearly these people have never worked in a serious enterprise.

#6 No-one talks about Automation failure...it's everywhere. i.e Listen for the words "Pockets of Automation". Adoption of technology, education and adaptation of process is rarely mentioned (or measured).

#7 People constantly pointing to Etsy, Facebook & Netflix as DevOps. Let's promote the stories of companies that better represent the market at large.

#8 Tech hipsters discounting, or underestimating, Windows sysadmins. There are a lot of them and they better represent the Enterprise than many of the higher profile blowhards.

#9 The same hipsters saying their threads have filled up with DevOps tweets where there were none before.

#10 I've never heard of a Project Manager taking on DevOps. I intend on finding one.

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