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Weekly Recap - Google I/O, the Expanding Cloud, Configuring CERN, and More

After taking a week off, the weekly updates are back! Here's some of the news that interested us over the past week:

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IT/DevOps Shirts to Gift For Mother's Day

Mother’s day is round the corner. Most people will take the easy way and order flowers.

April Product Update

We’ve been hard at work, adding more new features to UpGuard. Here's what we've come up with this month.

Weekly Recap - #ChefConf, Security, Cloud, and More

Conference season continues this week, notably with Opscode's #ChefConf in San Francisco (which is going on as I'm typing this up). Here's the latest from #ChefConf and other IT news that interested us this week.

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Weekly Recap - Devopsdays London, the Woz, Open Networking Summit, and More

With Devopsdays London recently concluded and the Open Networking Summit having just wrapped up, here's some of IT news that interested us this week.

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Weekly Recap – Cloud Computing, SDN, DevOps, and More

Here’s some of the news we came across that interested us this week

The Open DayLight Project – A pretty big development for Software-Defined Networking:

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Making a Startup Explainer Video in 3 Steps

This is a guest blog from our friend Simon Westlake from TinyLoud, who made our explainer video, with some pointers on making explainer videos.

Techno Arms Dealers & High Frequency Traders

Today represents the hottest time to be in financial markets - nanosecond response times, the ability to affect global markets in real time, and lucrative spot deals in dark pools being all the rage. For companies who do business in these times, it is a technical arms race, worthy of a Reagan era analogy.

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10 IT Automation Conferences to Attend

One of the best opportunities for networking and keeping up to date on all the latest trends in software development, ITIL best practice implementation, innovative methods of handling automation, new methods of tackling ever-expanding configuration drift, and learning to navigate increasingly tricky compliance issues is attending industry conferences. IT professionals focused on automation will need to read between the lines to find a convention well-suited to their interests. These events are massive in production and are usually more broadly focused.

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PMLC, ALM, and Configuration Management

Acronym Soup - Project Management, Application Development, and Operations Methodologies

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IT Automation and It's Relationship With Configuration Testing

Why IT Automation Needs Configuration Testing

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Configuration Tests as Automation Requirements

While there are many benefits to cloud computing, one of the major difficulties is migrating from the in-house servers to a cloud computing platform. Configuration issues can develop when a company does not have the right tools, and when it lacks clear communication.

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The Case For Sector Focused Cloud Providers

There is no disputing the fact that cloud computing has led to a number of remarkable changes in the way many companies do business. Cloud-based solutions have been instrumental in streamlining IT functions and other business processes, resulting in a considerable savings in terms of time and monetary output.

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Wasting Time Manually Testing

The Sinkhole That is Manual Configuration Testing

Testing is a crucial part of software development: it involves the execution of a program with the goal of locating errors. Successful tests are able to uncover new errors that can then be corrected before the software is released.

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DevOps and ITIL Basics

There is a gap that exists between developers and operations in any enterprise dealing with complex and legacy system environments.

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Release Testing Basics

Release Testing

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Configuration Testing 101

Before delivery to the intended party, a system should be tested to figure out whether the requirements set forth in the contract have been met. Configuration acceptance testing is the fundamental means to assuage all doubts that the system will fall short of its intended purposes. It is an essential part of the testing phase of the Software Development Life-Cycle (SDLC), and perhaps the most vital in its category. The way in which the components of the system interact is the sure fire means of determining the susceptibility of the system to frequent errors and ultimately the strength of resistance to its implementation. Configuration acceptance testing is pivotal to the SDLC, and as such will be an integral part of the Application Life-cycle Management (ALM) policy of any firm. It reveals any available bugs and inadequacies in the system, enhancing the process of error correction and formulation of a suitable plan of action in the event undiscovered errors manifest and affect the system after it has been implemented.

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DevOps Basics


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The Top 5 CIO's of 2012

Top 5 CIO's of 2012

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