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Critical Security Flaw Impacts All Versions Of Windows

Written by UpGuard | Oct 14, 2015 1:45:23 PM

Microsoft announced on Tuesday that a serious remote code execution flaw in Internet Explorer could allow remote attackers to gain access to Windows systems. Unfortunately, no versions of Windows are spared from this critical flaw, and users are highly recommended to patch their systems immediately to avoid being exploited.

Anatomy of the Exploit

Similar to the Adobe Flash vulnerability also announced this week, the Windows vulnerability detailed in Microsoft Bulletin MS15-106 is exploited through remote code execution triggered by specially crafted web content. Users browsing the web with Internet Explorer fall prey to the exploit by clicking on maliciously crafted links and websites that capitalize on the flawed browser's JScript/VBscript engine. Once compromised, systems can be controlled by remote attackers assuming the same rights as the logged-in user.


Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, and 10 are all vulnerable to this exploit, and impacted users should apply the patch provided by Microsoft immediately to fix this critical flaw. As the vulnerability primarily involves memory corruption in Internet Explorer, JScript and VBScript, the fix updates how the scripting engine handles objects in memory. Additionally, the patch bolsters Internet Explorer with additional permission validations. Other updates announced on Tuesday include fixes to Microsoft Office and the Windows Edge browser. 

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