Cyber Risk Product Update: May 2018

Last updated by UpGuard on May 31, 2018

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It's been a busy month for the CyberRisk product team! We're proud of this release, and can't wait to share the details with you.

All these new features are immediately available to CyberRisk customers.

Know how your CyberRisk changes

Immediately know why your risk score has changed. We can now show you both new and remediated risks over time. Just pick two points in time, and see exactly what has changed to affect your company or your vendor's risk scores.

CyberRisk Dashboard

ISO 27001 Questionnaires

To save you time and help you with best practice, CyberRisk now includes a pre-built questionnaire that assesses compliance against the global ISO27001 security standard.

ISO 27001 Questionnaires

The ISO 27001 questionnaire can be enabled from the Account Settings > Questionnaires view. Stay tuned as we add more pre-built questionnaires to help you get started!

Questionnaire Dashboard

You can now easily track the status of the questionnaires that have been sent to your vendors. If the questionnaire has been completed, you will see all the risks that were identified. If it hasn’t been completed yet, you will be able to review its status and send a reminder to the recipients.


You can just go to the Questionnaires tab, and click on a questionnaire to get started.

Instant Reports

If you're looking for a quick assessment of a vendor, you can run an Instant Report. Running an Instant Report gives you instant access to a vendor assessment for 30 days, without using one of your vendor slots.

Instant Vendor Reports

Simply use the search bar to find an existing vendor, or add a new vendor. Then you can select an Instant Report to understand the vendor's risk profile.

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