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DevOps Buzzword Bingo

Written by UpGuard | Apr 14, 2014 6:01:00 PM

For those of you who follow us more regularly here at UpGuard, you're preconditioned to know that we have a wicked sense of humor and love to have a good time. This week anoints ChefConf as the center of the DevOps universe as it brings together the who's who of thought leaders and practitioners. We thought it might be fun to play a friendly game of DevOps Buzzword Bingo during the event to entertain those in attendance and keep you on the edge of your seat waiting to fill out your card.

And to make this a little competitive, we're offering up an exclusive DevOps sticker set to anyone who successfully completes their card while at ChefConf. What are you waiting for?! Just remember - we're all winners. ;-)

Step 1
Print out your official DevOps Buzzword Bingo card (just click on the image above)

Step 2
The name of the game is Blackout which means you need to scratch off each of the buzzwords to win. Strategically plan your attack at ChefConf to get your card full. You could cheat and just mark them off, sure, but where is the fun in that?!

Step 3
Play DevOps Buzzword Bingo with your friends - it's the gift that keeps on giving....

Step 4
Take a picture with your filled out card and send it to @UpGuard (twitter) or marketing@UpGuard.com (email). Upon submission, we'll reward all your hard work & luck with an exclusive DevOps sticker as a reward.