6 DevOps Myths to Avoid

Last updated by UpGuard on November 20, 2019

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We are very excited about the growth of DevOps. But as adoption rises, there will be varying perceptions about DevOps. Seeing it already happening, it’s important that we clear out any myths about DevOps before they become reality.

  • Myth #1 DevOps is a skill: As John Vincent mentions, there has been a recent trend of job openings like “DevOps engineer”, “DevOps Manager” etc. That is just plain wrong. DevOps is a methodology, not a skill. It is something you practice as a team not an individual. Simply put, DevOps is a new approach to running IT teams.

  • Myth # 2 Automation is DevOps: Each of the 4 steps of the DevOps methodology are crucial for a team to achieve success with DevOps. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of using automation tools which claim to be “DevOps tools.” In reality, they only cover the “automate” and “iterate” part of the DevOps methodology, missing out on the most crucial part i.e “collaboration.” Lori MacVittie says it correctly, “DevOps is not something you build, it’s something you do.”

  • Myth #3 DevOps is about 10 deploys a day: DevOps is about becoming more efficient with deployments and reducing risk. There can be no common number attached to efficiency. Michael Brunton-Spall agrees that DevOps is not about 10 deployments a day. Sure 10 deployments a day can mean efficiency for Flickr but that doesn’t have to be the same for your organization. It doesn’t matter what number value you place against something, so long as it continues to improve.

  • Myth #4: DevOps means learning new domain specific languages: IT teams face a “knowledge problem.” Forcing them learn a new language simply adds another barrier to adoption, especially with operations staff.

  • Myth #5 DevOps clashes with existing processes: DevOps smoothly integrates with existing processes like ITIL, Agile etc. Our co-founder Alan Sharp Paul explains that DevOps is actually a way to improve processes like ITIL.

  • Myth #6 DevOps is for modern systems: As we mentioned earlier that DevOps is not a skill, it should also dispel the myth that DevOps is not cross platform. It should actually integrate with either legacy and modern systems.

DevOps is a team sport. If the IT team works as a whole, it can do wonders for an organization.

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