Introducing Friction-Free DevOps from Docker and… HP?

Updated on February 23, 2016 by UpGuard

Introducing Friction-Free DevOps from Docker and… HP?

As you may recall, earlier last month HP completed its division into two parts: an enterprise focused products/services entity—HP Enterprise (HPE)—and a personal computing/printing firm known as HP, Inc. CEO Meg Whitman gave a nod to DevOps-enabled organizations such as Vimeo and Uber at the initial announcement of the split half a year ago at HP’s Discover conference, presumably setting the course for a newly DevOps-focused HPE in helping companies scale ideas to valuation. How does an IT giant go about transforming itself from an aged enterprise monolith to an agile, open, service-oriented solutions provider for today's business IT environments?

Developing the proper tooling is a start. Also announced at HP Discover was HP Lean Functional Testing (LeanFT), a tool for writing functional C# or Java automation tests from within the developer’s IDE (Visual Studio or Eclipse). The tests can then be in turn run as part of the continuous integration/deliver and DevOps pipeline—integrating with tools like Jenkins, Git, JUnit and Cucumber, among others.

Introducing Friction-Free DevOps from Docker and… HP?Automated testing models in HP LeanFT. Source:

And just last month, HPE introduced a new line of products built for the highly popular Docker offering, furthering its DevOps initiatives by riding the waves of the decidely DevOps-centric containerization solution's success.

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For example, HPE Helion Development Platform 2.0 lets developers and IT operators launch microservices packaged in Docker containers.

Introducing Friction-Free DevOps from Docker and… HP?

Docker and HP Helion ecosystem. Source:

It's clear that HP is has taken up DevOps as a serious initiative—for itself and its customers—for increasing enterprise agility, velocity, collaboration, and visibility. Native Docker support is another step in the right direction: "If a customer has bought into the Docker workflow for building their application and packaging it, now they can hand us that container and we'll deploy it for them," said Omri Gazitt, VP of Products and Services for HP Helion at HPE. For full enterprise-grade deployments, the Helion Development Platform's (HDP) PaaS layer provides integrated capabilities like log auto-scaling and aggregation/health monitoring to Docker containers, among others.

HPE's embrace of Docker as a key tool for DevOps enablement is just another recent mark of DevOps advancement into the enterprise space. Microsoft made similar announcements this month around its comittment to DevOps with tooling dedicated to the cause, like HPEfocused around new developer tools and mechanisms for streamlining the CI/CD and testing pipeline. On the Azure side, Microsoft has enabled the easy creation of Docker swarm clusters with Azure Resource Manager Templates.

Like HP and Microsoft, UpGuard supports Docker in enabling friction-free DevOps. Our platform scans and monitors environments within Docker containers, just like any other system. Its agentless architecture uses lightweight SSH-based connection managers for connecting to and scanning/monitoring Docker containers.

Introducing Friction-Free DevOps from Docker and… HP?Generating Dockerfiles from UpGuard. Source:

UpGuard also outputs to popular automation and DevOps tools—including Docker, which makes recreating containers to exact configuration specifications a trivial affair. WIth one click, a Dockerfile snippet is created from the desired node for easy automation. Learn more in our series Getting Started with Docker. 

Regardless of what your DevOps pipeline looks like, UpGuard provides the crucial configuration validation and vulnerability monitoring to ensure that security flaws and quality gaps are addressed before reaching end-users. Give it a test drive today, on usit's free for the first 10 nodes.

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