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IT/DevOps Shirts to Gift For Mother's Day

Written by Sam Lee | May 10, 2013 5:41:30 PM

Mother’s day is round the corner. Most people will take the easy way and order flowers.

But what about sending something more fun and uncommon?

At UpGuard, we decided to put our IT brains to work and designed 7 unique shirts to gift your mom this mother’s day.

These aren't just any shirts. They're made of IT jokes to satisfy your inner IT brain while making your mother happy :)

1) For the son who can lead several deployments a day, but can't figure out that damn DVR

2) Behind every nerdy kid is a loving mother

3) "Why did you go to ChefConf, anyways?"

4) You can never really can outgrow Puppet(s) anyways...

5) ...Hopefully we've all outgrown this one though

6) As exciting as Agile might be, you should always be careful

7) 'Nuff said.

8) We've all heard it before

Note: Any profit made will be donated. We are using a website called TeeSpring which requires at least 10 orders to be placed before a shirt is printed. You will only be charged if the minimum orders are placed.