Making a Startup Explainer Video in 3 Steps

Updated on July 27, 2016 by Sam Lee

This is a guest blog from our friend Simon Westlake from TinyLoud, who made our explainer video, with some pointers on making explainer videos.

Take it away Simon...

You’ve written a script, recorded the voice over and now you want to make the visuals for your startup explainer video. These are the three main steps that were used for creating our UpGuard Explained video.



Rough sketches are good enough to show what will happen during each section of the video. Put the doodles alongside your voice over track using video editing software. Now you can make all your important decisions about timing and the actual story of your video. Don’t wait until the whole video is finished only to have someone say ‘this makes no sense’ :( Use this sketchy storyboard version to get feedback on your video now.

Step 2: DESIGN


With your story finished, you can now make each section look nice. If you stick to a limited number of colors you can easily get a unified look across the whole video. Use the occasional odd color to highlight key points.



Now that your story is done and the designs are finished, It’s time to animate this thing. You have already received feedback on the previous versions of your video. So now you can create the final animation, safe in the knowledge that your video will make sense once finished. You made the difficult decisions during the first two steps, so this step is only about improving the message with nice animation and smooth transitions.

You’re like totes done now. Publish that sucker on your homepage and spread your message. And why not show your parents? - Maybe they’ll finally understand what you do.