CyberResearch: TPRM and Vendor Data leak Detection in 2022

Edward Kost
Edward Kost
updated Feb 10, 2022

UpGuard has launched an exciting new product called CyberResearch. This post summarizes the solution and its key features.

What is CyberResearch by UpGuard?

CyberResearch is a suite of fully managed services, encompassing third-party risk and data leak detection by UpGuard. This proprietary DRPS solution is the first to extend monitoring and remediation of data leaks to the third-party network.

Our CyberResearch services are split into two areas. It’s easy to pick and choose between them.

Managed Vendors

The CyberResearch Managed Vendors module is a Third-Party Risk Management service supported by a team of UpGuard analysts.

You can ask us to run all, or just part of your TPRM program, right from within the UpGuard platform. With a click of a button, you can request a risk assessment, chase a vendor for evidence, or get help with remediation of identified risks. The platform is automated and gives you full visibility to make the process both simple and cost-effective.

cyberresearch by upguard risk assessment request
CyberResearch managed Vendor risk assessments

Managed Vendors makes cybersecurity scaling notably efficient. When you need to expand your TPRM efforts, let us know, and we’ll adjust our offered support accordingly. 

With such flexibility, costly internal resources can be prioritized to address your other cybersecurity priorities. 

Data Leaks

Data Leaks is the second module under CyberResearch. Most organizations are unconsciously leaking sensitive information online. These data leaks could result in a data breach if they are discovered and exploited by cybercriminals.

With the Data Leaks module, the online ecosystem, including the open, deep and dark web, is continuously monitored for data leaks linked to your organization. Unlike conventional data leak solutions, CyberResearch also monitors for leaks linked to any third-party vendors to reduce the likelihood of third-party breaches.

The Data Leaks module is also supported by a team of UpGuard researchers who assess each identified leak and help prioritize the risk. These analysts can be entrusted with the entire process of data leak detection and help facilitate remediation so that this effort can also be scaled efficiently.

Keeping Track of Managed Services

The progress of all tasks assigned to UpGuard analysts, either via Managed Vendors or Data Leaks can be tracked in real-time from the UpGuard platform, keeping you in complete control of all risk management workflows at all times. 

How Does CyberResearch Differ From BreachSight and Vendor Risk?

CyberResearch differentiates itself from our existing products by offering fully managed services, in addition to a SaaS solution.

Both Vendor Risk and CyberResearch’s Managed Vendors monitor your third-party attack surface. Vendor Risk is suitable for your organization if you want to run the TPRM process yourselves. CyberResearch additionally enables you to access UpGuard’s team of expert analysts, who can run the TPRM process for you.

Data Leaks is an entirely new solution that detects all instances of your sensitive data published online. Data Leaks detection helps you remediate leaked data, before they become costly breaches.

When implemented in parallel with Vendor Risk and BreachSight, Data Leaks offers an additional dimension of attack surface monitoring to further reduce the chances of a data breach. 

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