Packing Heat With CloudFlare

Monitor CloudFlare with UpGuard

Today we're proud to show one of our newest features to UpGuard: support for your CloudFlare powered website. As a next-generation CDN (Content Delivery Network) CloudFlare makes your site faster to load, optimizes your content, provides a swathe of ridiculously powerful and easy-to-understand security mechanisms, exclusive analytics insights and even an app marketplace. To give you an idea of just how big this Cisco combatant has become:

  • Over the past 3 years, CloudFlare has grown 450% and is currently adding 5,000 new clients a day
  • Handles 5% of all web traffic. You've probably used the network hundreds of times in the last 24 hours
  • Has fought on the front line protecting websites from some of the internet's largest, high-scale DDoS attacks recorded at 400 gigs/second

Adding your CloudFlare site to UpGuard is easy and enables you to discover, track and control all of your CloudFlare DNS and Zone configuration settings including A, CNAME, MX and SPF records.

cloud_wheelVisualizing CloudFlare Configuration Drift


Introducing Cloud Apps

CloudFlare is the first cab off the rank in our new monitoring group called Cloud Apps, which we just added to our existing set of supported operating systems and network devices. We're pretty excited for what lies ahead in the Cloud Apps space and we would love to hear your feedback on what we should integrate with next.  



CloudFlare Integration 

Integrating with your CloudFlare powered site is just a matter of entering in your CloudFlare email address, website address and API key and clicking Continue. 


Adding Your CloudFlare Site to UpGuard


You can find your CloudFlare website name on the Websites page after you have logged in.


Your email address and API key can be found on the Account page.


Where to find the details in CloudFlare


Done! Configuration At Your Fingertips

Adding your CloudFlare powered website to UpGuard is easy and enables you to discover, track and control your DNS and Zone configuration. There are even configuration items here that you can't find through CloudFlare's own UI!

With UpGuard tracking your CloudFlare configuration you'll never again miss:

  • Changes to your www A record which could cause your website name to become unresolvable
  • Mail Exchange (or MX record) changes which could cause mail delivery routing problems
  • Fine grain configuration changes to records such as SPF which could result in emails being incorrectly treated as spam

CloudFlare offers an amazing engine for running your website from delivery, optimization, security, analytics to an app marketplace. Keeping your configuration in check and maintaining desired state thus becomes mission critical. (Even giants like Google make costly configuration mistakes.) This is where UpGuard steps in to provide the observation and validation needed to avoid misconfiguration.

Inspect your CloudFlare configurations