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AUDIO: Alan Sharp-Paul On Not Automating What You Don't Understand

Written by UpGuard | Feb 3, 2015 1:32:00 AM

In a recent episode of the Enterprise Initiatives podcast, our own debonair cofounder Alan Sharp-Paul sat down with host Mike Kavis to talk DevOps, and especially one particularly memorable blog post in which Alan advised that's not wise to look before you leap and "don't automate what you don't understand." That point has been known to cause some contention among certain DevOpserati who often maintain the movement is primarly based on a cultural shift coupled with automation.

In the 14-minute-or-so clip, Alan also waxes on the flawed practice of immediately disowning anything that came before DevOps, DevOps in the enterprise, what companies are doing wrong with their DevOps initiatives—and more importantly—what some of them are doing right.

Give it a listen, and comment below.