UpGuard Launches IT Automation Partner Ecosystem

Updated on July 6, 2016 by UpGuard

Here at UpGuard, we like to look at DevOps through the lenses of Collaboration and Automation. Almost all vendors in the DevOps space focus on the latter. We've written about how this creates Zero Sum DevOps and how these 'pockets of automation' can lead to silos of expertise around specific tools which is counter to DevOps principles to begin with. Furthermore, we've have talked about how there are 3 Reasons IT automation tools suck at collaboration.

3 Reasons IT Automation Tools Suck at Collaboration
1. They are hard to use
2. They are a lousy medium for sharing
3. They inhibit collective innovation

DevOps Collaboration

In the spirit of approaching things more collaboratively, we recently launched our very own IT Automation partner ecosystem to help application owners, developers and system administrators bring their dynamic IT environments under control. UpGuard is partnering with eleven of the major continuous delivery, deployment and automation tools. The UpGuard platform is now integrated with world-class vendors and cloud providers to enable unprecedented choice, flexibility and interoperability, while providing enterprises with the visibility & control needed to accelerate IT automation for increased velocity and cost savings.

DevOps promotes better collaboration and UpGuard’s API-based approach delivers a powerful next-generation platform that helps customers get end-to-end visibility of their entire dynamic IT infrastructure without requiring a PhD. UpGuard is partnering with some of the most powerful IT automation tools in the market, and we’re excited to leverage these partnerships to help large enterprises speed up innovation and gain insights that were previously unavailable.

UpGuard now offers support for all major cloud infrastructure providers including Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Softlayer and Digital Ocean and is integrated with:

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