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UpGuard Sponsors DevOps Thought Leadership

Written by UpGuard | Oct 7, 2014 2:18:00 PM

Some people, we won't say who, have taken to poking fun at the idea of thought leadership in DevOps. We'd like to set the record straight: here at UpGuard, the only problem we have with thought leaders is that there aren't enough. Since we believe in continuous improvement, we've taken the first step to addressing this issue. With our elegant "DevOps Thought Leader" shirt anyone can be part of the DevOps intellectual elite.

You might not think you're a thought leader, but you're being too modest. No one knows more about the on-the-ground challenges in the IT industry than you do. No one knows what the points of failure are in your organization and your infrastructure better than you do. And that means you're in the best position to propose concrete solutions that can make your business win. If you can figure out why something is $&#ed and a better way to do it, you're a thought leader in our books.

Finding problems and figuring out solutions is the easy part. That's what you're trained to do. Getting the attention to be perceived as a thought leader—well that's tricky and no one really knows how it works. We think a shirt that says "DevOps Thought Leader" is as a clear as you can be. If someone sees you in this shirt and doesn't understand that it means you're a thought leader, well, there's just no helping them.

If you're ready to get serious about DevOpsing—if you want to DevOps with the big dogs--come find our booth at a convention or complete the easy 4-step UpGuard onboarding tutorial to grab your thought leader shirt. If you've got ideas, let the world know. DevOps needs them.