UpGuard's New Pricing Model

UpGuard Pricing Model

This might be a little controversial, but we think software pricing should be straightforward and easy to understand. We know this is a radical stance in the world of enterprise software, but bear with us on this one. In our experience, if we're going to pay for something we want to compare products based on features, not break out Excel to calculate the price tag. We're betting you feel the same way, and that's why we're simplifying our pricing structure.

There is now one price for UpGuard: $12/month/node. Whatever deployment type you want—whether you want it in the cloud or on-premise, UpGuard is the same price across the board and you only pay for the nodes you use. Why? Because we are in the business of making quality software and that's all we want to think about. If regulatory requirements mean you need it on-prem, that's fine. If convenience is what matters most to you, we'll host it for you. We believe how our product is hosted shouldn't factor into the cost, only how much value it adds to your business.

And if you need it on-prem, forget about lengthy setup engagements. We'll provide a virtual appliance with the containerized application and database that our experts can help you set up quickly.

Existing users have nothing to worry about. If the old pricing structure was better for you, we will continue to honor that price. If the new structure is better we encourage you to switch over by re-submitting the information on the billing page within the app. Feel free to jump on chat with one of our engineers if you need help.

We're also really excited about this part: Previously, a free UpGuard account only included drift reporting, not the testing and automation export features. We've gotten rid of that crippled version and are now offering the feature-complete UpGuard to everyone, free. Every UpGuard user will have access to the full platform, from drift reports, policies, generating automation snippets, and new additions like group differencing and the configuration search engine. You only get your credit card out when you want to connect more than 10 nodes. (Although we should mention that for obvious reasons, free accounts are only available cloud-hosted.)

If you don't already have a UpGuard account, there's no better time to get one than right now.

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