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5 Steps to Implementing DevOps Where Agile Rules [infographic]

DevOps is a relatively new concept in comparison to Agile development, so it should come as little surprise that IT enterprises have a myriad of experiences and instances of Agile approaches. And there is no need to throw everything out and start over - both Agile and DevOps are complimentary. But what if after careful deliberation inside of your enterprise you've decided to evolve from Agile to DevOps? How can you ensure that you keep all the good things that Agile provided yet apply some of the learnings from the early adopters of DevOps principles? Building a DevOps state of mind requires more than giving developers root, installing a configuration management tool, using a source code repository, and proclaiming ‘yes, we’re a DevOps shop.” At the end of the day all aspects of the people, process, technology continuums get impacted by DevOps. Here are 5 key steps to work through when implementing DevOps in an IT enterprise where Agile rules:

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Top 10 Online Resources about Agile Development

Most leading IT enterprises have some form of Agile development in place in their organization. Thereby, many organizations, websites, blogs, and companies exist to provide information about and support for Agile development. Here is a list of 10 key online resources to support your Agile journey.

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DevOps Pushes Agile to IT's Limits

Many large enterprises over the last decade made a deliberate shift to an agile development process as a response to the ever-changing demands of the business. One key tenet of the agile development process is to deliver working software in smaller and more frequent increments, as opposed to the the “big bang” approach of the waterfall method. This is most evident in the agile goal of having potentially shippable features at the end of each sprint.

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Top 6 Resources for ITSM Professionals

Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) may not have the sex appeal of Agile or the buzz of DevOps, but it lays a crucial foundation for each within the Enterprise today. So, whether you consider it a necessary evil or the only way to run your IT department, here are a few resources that may come in handy.

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Automated Configuration Testing, the Agile Infrastructure Enabler

OK, so I probably just closed out 100 games of Bulls**t Bingo in the title of this blog post but I'll stand by it. You want actual agility in what you do? You need a safety net. That safety net is automated testing.

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IT Automation and It's Relationship With Configuration Testing

Why IT Automation Needs Configuration Testing

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