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When it Comes to Security, Knowing is Only Half the Battle

Since 2000, the nonprofit Center for Internet Security (CIS) has provided the public service of creating and distributing hardening guidelines for common operating systems and applications. Alongside documents describing what configuration to check, how they should be configured, and how to fix them, CIS also offers a software solution that can analyze a system for compliance with the CIS benchmarks. Despite those resources, and their criticality for information security, the fact remains that becoming and staying secure is a persistent problem. Why is system hardening so hard?

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Using UpGuard to Validate Your CIS Critical Security Controls for Effective Cyber Defense

First circulated in 2009, the CIS Critical Controls are used by both the U.S. and U.K. governments as the preeminent framework for securing critical infrastructures. Consisting of 20 security controls that cover areas from malware defense to incident response and management, the CIS Critical Controls offers a prioritized set of security measures for assessing and improving a firm's security posture. Though not a cybersecurity panacea, the controls help to address the vast majority of security issues faced by organizations today.

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