Chef and Puppet Won't Fix Your CMDB Problem

Most Enterprise CMDB offerings are a joke. They've always been a joke. Just another white elephant system sucking time and money out of IT Budgets. What most, if not all, become are simply inventory systems. They're not even good for that ...

PMLC, ALM, and Configuration Management

Acronym Soup - Project Management, Application Development, and Operations Methodologies

Devops and the Death of the CMDB

CMDB and DevOps: the Pitfalls

Application Configuration Testing

Application Configuration Acceptance Testing - Huh?

Wasting Time Manually Testing

The Sinkhole That is Manual Configuration Testing Testing is a crucial part of software development: it involves the execution of a program with the goal of locating errors. Successful tests are able to uncover new errors that can then be ...

Environment Configuration Testing 101

Testing environment configurations in enterprise environments manually with scripts is difficult, just because there are so many factors involved. These can include applications, hardware, and device compatibility issues that can arise at ...

Release Testing Basics

Release Testing
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