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Preventing Data Breaches

Data is being mishandled. Despite spending billions on cybersecurity solutions, data breaches continue to plague private companies, government organizations, and their vendors. The reason cybersecurity solutions have not mitigated this problem is that the overwhelming majority of data exposure incidents are due to misconfigurations, not cutting edge cyber attacks. These misconfigurations are the result of process errors during data handling, and often leave massive datasets completely exposed to the internet for anyone to stumble across.

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Securing GitHub Permissions with UpGuard

GitHub is a popular online code repository used by over 26 million people across the world for personal and enterprise uses. GitHub offers a way for people to collaborate on a distributed code base with powerful versioning, merging, and branching features. GitHub has become a common way to outsource the logistics of managing a code base repository so that teams can focus on the coding itself.

But as GitHub has become a de facto standard, even among software companies, it has also become a vector for data breaches— the code stored on GitHub ranges from simple student tests to proprietary corporate software worth millions of dollars. Like any server, network device, database, or other digital surface, GitHub suffers from misconfiguration.

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