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Techno Arms Dealers & High Frequency Traders

Today represents the hottest time to be in financial markets - nanosecond response times, the ability to affect global markets in real time, and lucrative spot deals in dark pools being all the rage. For companies who do business in these times, it is a technical arms race, worthy of a Reagan era analogy.

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DevOps for High Frequency Trading

There are two constants in the world of High Frequency Trading (HFT): massive volumes of data, and the need for programs that process this data and act on it at blistering, fast speeds. These systems change frequently as the needs of the companies using them change and as the rules and regulations of market organizations and governments change. The potential for market instability is a big concern for both companies and regulatory bodies, and major incidents occurring in the market simply due to algorithm errors have put a sharp focus on the quality and performance of HFT software. The DevOps philosophy can provide serious advantages to HFT companies, and this article will take a look at some of the main issues and concerns of the business and summarize it with how DevOps can help.

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