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UpGuard and Puppet - Fits Like a Glove

Going from nothing to automation using one of the many tools available can be a daunting task. How can you automate systems when you’re not even 100% sure how they’ve been configured? The documentation is months out of date and the last guy to configure anything on that box has since left the company to ply his trade somewhere that will more fully appreciate his Ops cowboy routine.

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UpGuard Launches IT Automation Partner Ecosystem

Here at UpGuard, we like to look at DevOps through the lenses of Collaboration and Automation. Almost all vendors in the DevOps space focus on the latter. We've written about how this creates Zero Sum DevOps and how these 'pockets of automation' can lead to silos of expertise around specific tools which is counter to DevOps principles to begin with. Furthermore, we've have talked about how there are 3 Reasons IT automation tools suck at collaboration.

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No Silver Bullet for DevOps

DevOps is awesome. Or at least the promises being made with DevOps are: faster deployments….more stability, resiliency & availability….save tons of money through automation….and make IT more relevant to the business. I definitely can understand why there is such tremendous interest in DevOps. Break me off a piece of that!

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Why Enterprises Struggle with IT Automation

It goes without saying that automation in the enterprise is critical to keeping up with today’s dynamic business demands. Unfortunately, automation isn't a set-it-and-forget-it process. You need to carefully monitor the environment to know exactly how much to automate and when to adjust for environment changes. To exasperate the issue, the concept of DevOps is still confusing to many and some still inappropriately equate DevOps to automation. But that isn’t stopping leading enterprises to create automation initiatives, have DevOps skunkworks projects popping up, and to name whole teams DevOps for the sake of it

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5 Things About Configuration Management Your Boss Needs To Know

As IT managers and engineers, we can sometimes get so deep in the details of what we do that we struggle to answer the simple questions for our user base and the higher ups. Sure, we can write scripts to automate builds and we can train users on the tools to implement configuration management, but we can also freeze when asked why organizations should have configuration management teams, processes and tools. If this has ever happened to you, remember that you’re not alone.

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Enterprise DevOps & the Cloud

There has been plenty of discussion as of late regarding whether the DevOps movement has left the “enterprise” behind, plus where automation and the cloud fits in DevOps. There is more and more evidence that automation creates less collaboration and shows signs of a turf war between the chasm of tools that are needed to ‘do DevOps’. In the spirit of trying to address and debunk some of these myths, we asked Kevin Behr, the co-author of The Phoenix Project: A Novel and the VisibleOps Handbook to join us in a discussion about some of the trends plaguing enterprise IT as they struggling to align legacy IT infrastructure to business goals while becoming more agile.

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Zero Sum DevOps - IT Automation as a Collaboration Killer

Anyone who has been following what we're doing at UpGuard knows that we like to keep things simple. With this in mind, we like to look at DevOps through the lenses of Collaboration and Automation. Almost all vendors in this space focus on the latter. Why is this? Well, automation tool vendors do it by definition. In reality the collaboration angle is avoided by vendors because it is hard. If you're looking to the market for assistance in "doing" DevOps then you'll be drowning in offers for help with automation. Help with collaboration? Not so much.

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You're Doing DevOps Wrong. Automation in the Enterprise.

Automation. If you're somewhere on the DevOps spectrum then it's surely good for what ails ya. The answer to all your problems. For many it defines their DevOps journey, its destination representing the promised land of stable environments, consistent builds and silent pagers. 

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6 DevOps Myths to Avoid

We are very excited about the growth of DevOps. But as adoption rises, there will be varying perceptions about DevOps. Seeing it already happening, it’s important that we clear out any myths about DevOps before they become reality.

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5 Important Skills for Automation Experts to Have

IT testing automation is an important concern of businesses, and a growing field in which IT professionals are able to make a name for themselves. If you are not already involved in automated IT testing, here are a few of the most important skills to have when holding an automation related position.

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Stop Automating, Start testing - How to Buy in Using Puppet and Chef

Upon the application of Chef/Puppet with a view towards the automation of system architecture, it is possible to apportion the systems environment piece by piece and start up applications in a heartbeat. This is ideally the configuration management pinnacle of achievement, encompassing a time saving mechanism, highly replicable, and with unrivaled ability to replicate.

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Configuration Tests as Automation Requirements

While there are many benefits to cloud computing, one of the major difficulties is migrating from the in-house servers to a cloud computing platform. Configuration issues can develop when a company does not have the right tools, and when it lacks clear communication.

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