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The Importance of Being Securely LinkedIn

Chances are, if you've any semblance of a professional life, you probably have a corresponding LinkedIn account to show for it. And if that's the case, your data was likely stolen in the massive 2012 data breach, now thought to be more expansive than originally posited. Last week, the world's largest professional social network sent out a notice stating that its initial announcement of 6.5 million stolen passwords turns out to be quite off—by about 110.5 million.

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Where Can I Learn More About DevOps?

In this blog, we're constantly covering and discussing the concept of DevOps. At this point, most folks in departments related to a company's infrastructure (i.e. Developers, System Administrators) have some understanding of this idea. But where do these people learn about this relatively new and young concept?

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The Best DevOps Resources Online

Ten Useful DevOps Resources

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