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Vulnerabilities vs Misconfigurations

Vulnerability assessment is a necessary component of any complete security toolchain, and the most obvious place to start for anyone looking to improve their security. Ironically, starting with vulnerability assessment can actually degrade an organization's overall defense by shifting focus from the cause of most outages and breaches: misconfigurations.

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Are Enterprises Thinking About Security All Wrong?

Organizations often regard cybersecurity as a series of barricades protecting the inner workings of the data center from attacks. These barricades can be hardware or software and take actions such as blocking ports, watching traffic patterns for possible intrusions, encrypting communications and so forth. In practice, these measures are only part of a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, and by themselves will do little to bolster the overall resilience of an organization. But thoroughly tested and streamlined procedures within IT operations can prevent the most common attack point on the internet: misconfigurations.

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Twitter Could Avoid Outages With Executable Documentation

Whether a user or not, we all are familiar with the popular microblogging service, Twitter. With over 200 million users, it’s no easy task to maintain their infrastructure. It has been plagued with several outages in recent times including one this week. A product with a die hard user base can face severe backlash for even the slightest of outages.

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Top 5 Configuration Errors in the Cloud for 2012

Misconfigurations are a major cause of problems in all areas of IT, from Development through to Operations. They can be responsible for data loss, security breaches, even total service outages.

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