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UpGuard: An Adaptable NERC Compliance Solution

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) creates regulations for businesses involved in critical power infrastructure under the guidance and approval of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). A few of these, the Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) standards, protect the most important links in the chain and are enforced under penalty of heavy fines for non-compliance. Many of the CIP standards cover cybersecurity, as much of the nation’s infrastructure is now digital. To prove compliance with CIP standards, companies must have a system of record that can be shown to auditors to prove they have enacted the required security measures to protect their cyber assets.

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Security Through Visibility

People commonly use the phrase “security through obscurity” to refer to the idea that if something is “hidden” or difficult to find, it becomes more secure by virtue of other people not knowing it’s even there to be exploited. But in reality, security through obscurity usually means that the only people who find obscure resources are the people looking to exploit them for a way in. This is why visibility, rather than obscurity, increases security. Our website risk grader provides people with an easy way to view a website's security rating by offering visibility into their internet-facing footprint. This also allows businesses to monitor their own improvement over time.

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