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[Infographic] Trick-or-Threat: If Cyber Attacks Were Monsters

Written by UpGuard | Oct 29, 2015 8:38:00 PM


UpGuard's platform for integrity monitoring can exorcise your vulnerability demons automatically and painlessly. Try it on us this Halloween-- no money, crucifixes, holy water, wooden stakes or garlic cloves required.


Werewolf - Disgruntled employee. Under the light of a full moon (or maybe just a perceived slight) a normal employee transforms into your worst enemy. Just ask Ashley Madison.

The Birds - DDOS. Birds are usually fine, even nice things to see, just like requests to your server. But get enough of them that won't leave you alone and you have a problem.

The Babadook - Phishing. Something arrives in your inbox that demands your attention. OK, fine, you'll take a look. Before you know it, a weird little demon has crawled down your mouth and taken over your online identity.

Zombies - Legacy cruft. That virtual floppy disk controller is harmlessly resting in peace, right? This year's VENOM vulnerability showed how things you thought were dead and gone can come back to bite you.

Jason Voorhees - Brute force attack. Some monsters are clever; some are just strong. If you can kick down the door then why sneak around?

Shapeshifter - Social engineering. Your most vulnerable systems are people. Something seems a little weird about Steve today, but who has time to investigate? It’s probably just some family photos he’s got on that flash drive.

Poltergeist – Various unpatched vulnerabilities: is your IT infrastructure built on an ancient Native American graveyard of unremediated security flaws? You know what happens next.

Creature from the Black Lagoon – Malware: trudge through enough seedy or questionable websites, and this is what your web browser turns into. A toxic, data leaking monster.