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Two Factor Authentication for UpGuard

Written by UpGuard | Jan 14, 2015 2:00:00 PM

As a trusted partner of financial institutions, healthcare providers, retailers, and businesses of all kinds, we take seriously our responsibility to handle your data securely. UpGuard's container-based architecture, compliance testing, encryption at rest and in transit, and bug bounty program bolster our code-level security. But there is always the human factor, and for that we have two factor authentication.

UpGuard has integrated Authy as our 2FA solution, which you can find on your user profile page by clicking the portrait in the upper right. Setting up Authy takes a few minutes and is similar to any other 2FA solution. When you log into UpGuard next you will be asked for a token that is sent via app or SMS to your phone or other device. Con: it takes 5 seconds more to log into UpGuard each morning. Pro: you don't have to worry that one lost computer will compromise your systems.

As a company that enables digital resilience, we believe 2FA should be a web standard. (UpGuard employees must authenticate with 2FA to log into pretty much anything.) Unsecured user accounts are not good for us and they are a risk to themselves and their employers. For that reason, a phone number is required on sign up so that all users can enable 2FA as soon as possible. To start using Authy in UpGuard, log in and check out the documentation. If you encounter any difficulties or want to learn more about how UpGuard contributes to configuration hardening, don't hesitate to contact us.