Using UpGuard’s Integration With Remedyforce To Build Your IT Helpdesk In The Cloud

Updated on February 24, 2016 by UpGuard

UpGuard's Integration With Remedyforce To Build Your IT Helpdesk In The Cloud

 Integration capabilities these days serve as a litmus test for a software solution’s longevity: the degree to which it can play well with others ultimately determines how much long-term value can be realized from the platform. Monolithic solutions are falling to the wayside as enterprise complexity—both from a business and IT infrastructure perspective—requires an ecosystem of complementary tools to effectively manage today’s environments. 

A handful of software companies pioneered this ecosystem approach in the early days of the cloud, with Salesforce being the most prominent success story to date. One of the initial SaaS offerings to evolve into an integrated SaaS/PaaS, the business software behemoth has banked much of its business on cloud-based ecosystem integrations. Clearly, Salesforce’s strategy has paid off. In fact, their platform is so ubiquitous that most enterprise software offerings have ported their solutions to Salesforce’s platform ecosystem——for integration into the CRM.

Remedyforce is one such offering. Built on the platform, Remedyforce is an IT and business service management solution developed by software giant BMC. It’s essentially a service and support technology that enables organizations to execute ITIL-compliant ITSM processes integral to delivering high-speed IT and business services. Additionally, the solution streamlines the information flow amongst people, teams and departments—resulting in decreased incident response times and faster remediation. 

BMC Remedyforce’s home screen. Source: BMC.

The premise of Remedyforce falls right in line with UpGuard’s mantras: streamline operations through breaking down information silos, increase efficacy and scalability through open integration, among others. So naturally our platform integrates directly with BMC Remedyforce, giving organizations based around the Saleforce/Remedyforce platform integrity monitoring and validation capabilities. This integration trifecta—Salesforce, Remedyforce, and UpGuard—makes for a formidable IT help desk in the cloud that is both scalable and future-ready.

For example, upon discovering configuration problems and vulnerabilities in an environment, UpGuard can automatically generate tickets in Remedyforce for a seamless front-to-back feedback loop. Status and progress around UpGuard-detected integrity issues can therefore be tracked all way from ticket generation to resolution and subsequent record updates in Salesforce.

In short, UpGuard’s integration with BMC Remedyforce gives enterprise adopters of the Salesforce cloud ecosystem continuous monitoring and validation for their environments. And if misconfigurations and vulnerabilities are detected, issues are automatically routed through the Salesforce/Remedyforce pipeline for streamlined issue resolution and auditing. If your organization or enterprise uses BMC Remedyforce for its ITSM initiatives,  UpGuard’s platform for integrity monitoring and validation integrates seamlessly with your solution. Give it a test drive today for free.

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