Weekly Recap - #ChefConf, Security, Cloud, and More

Updated on December 2, 2015 by Sam Lee

Conference season continues this week, notably with Opscode's #ChefConf in San Francisco (which is going on as I'm typing this up). Here's the latest from #ChefConf and other IT news that interested us this week.


Gene Kim's live notes from #ChefConf - Day 1, Day 2

Gene Kim will be speaking today (4/26), so be sure to check out the live stream in the Day 2 link!


Microsoft and IBM are now supporting Chef

“The enterprise engagement and sales process has grown...We can take credit for building a great product. But the business needs his come around more quickly than anyone expected. It’s clear the traditional enterprise vendors like IBM and Microsoft are seeing this transition. These companies are knocking on our door because they see us as a key enabler.” (Jay Wampold - Opscode VP of Marketing)


Amazon Web Services aims to improve its cloud security

"The company is now working with partners to let enterprises move security appliances to the cloud, including virtual appliances for intrusion detection and prevention. The move to the cloud will be a boon for enterprises that are concerned about denial-of-service attacks that rely on using a lot bandwidth, according to Schmidt." (by Mikael Ricknäs)


How cars can benefit from the cloud and How Taiwanese rental cars plan to use the cloud

"Today, the intersection between automobiles and consumer electronics is expanding and consumers are purchasing new vehicles while heavily considering the tech functions, and not putting as much emphasis on the power of the engine or other basic functions." (by Jen Cohen Crompton)


Don't know you need help with your configurations? Here's a 1-minute test

"Can you really afford to deny yourself a world-class practice in configuration management? Do you seriously believe that all the necessary versioning, labeling, and baselining, the Dewey Decimal System, is going to somehow miraculously manifest itself? Product quality, brand integrity, and your customer base, are all that you have to lose." (by Michael C. Simonelli)


Google Venture's Karim Faris on Enterprise Security

"Faris, who focuses on the enterprise and e-commerce investments for the firm, talked specifically about the opportunity in the enterprise security space and why we are seeing a growing number of startups succeed in the market." (by Leena Rao)


Here's what else we've been sharing this week:

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