Weekly Recap – Cloud Computing, SDN, DevOps, and More

Updated on December 2, 2015 by Sam Lee

Here’s some of the news we came across that interested us this week

The Open DayLight Project – A pretty big development for Software-Defined Networking:

"This is about code at the infrastructure level to help shape the future of SDN and every major player is in. This diversity is an early sign of a healthy community and the size and expertise of these companies demonstrate industry-scale support." (by Jim Zemlin)


An interesting article about “household name cloud computing companies” adopting a new, more efficient method of cooling their servers:

A server room (from "'Household name' cloud computing companies are preparing to dunk their servers in vats of oil")

"In an un-air-conditioned shed in a location Price will not disclose, alongside bags of salt used to run a water softening system, sit waist-high tanks full of mineral oil. In their depths are tiny lights blinking like bioluminescent creatures from the abyss, and something even more unexpected: row after row of PC motherboards, craggy with RAM and CPUs and hard drives and cables." (by Christopher Mims)


Why software-defined data centers cost much more without optimized power and cooling (pretty relevant to the link above!):

"To really conquer the challenges of reliability and optimization of resources, you have to add software-defined power and cooling to the mix. Without these capabilities...your software-defined data center has a good chance of running into any number of brick walls." (by Dan Woods)


Why companies can fall short of continuous delivery when implementing DevOps:

“Continuous delivery is often looked at as the goal of DevOps, but Ovum does not agree with this view, primarily because DevOps is a goal in itself.“ (by Chandranshu Singh)


A well-written piece on why software configuration management is necessary:

"Configuration management (CM) is actually kind of a big thing, not just for software but for hardware and other IT-related “stuff” like servers, desktop computers, routers, storage, and the like." (by Mary Lotz)


One author’s experience from Devopsdays London, PLUS a nerdy video!



A good tutorial on using Chef:



And in case you missed it, here are some of the other articles we’ve been sharing this week:

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