Weekly Recap - the Future of Data Centers, Cloud Taxation, iOS 7, and More

Updated on February 21, 2016 by UpGuard

Here's some of the IT news that caught our attention over the past week

A glimpse into the future of data centers

"We’re in the midst of a revolutionary shift inThe Future of the Data Center the enterprise data center that has not been seen in decades. At its core, this shift is being driven by the rise of 'soft' infrastructure.Virtual machines and virtual networks and storage can be provisioned and reconfigured rapidly and in a highly automated way, rather than being limited by the constraints of hardware infrastructure that was built for a much less dynamic environment" (by Kieran Harty)


A good article on the potential effects of taxing cloud computing

"Cash-strapped states are enacting new taxes on computing and cloud-based services, opening a possible Pandora's box of confusion and lost cost savings" (by Caroline Craig)


The future direction of SaaS

"Software as a service and cloud computing are now powerful and permanent forces in the IT industry that enterprise executives must reckon with" (by Eric Lundquist)


Apple iOS 7's release could be delayed... By going flat?

"The appsApple's icons are going flat that users have come to love (or hate) since the iPhone and its mobile operating system – iOS – first hit the market could be about to look very different: No more 3D cartoonish caricatures of bookshelves or billiard tables, Apple apps are reportedly going “flat.” Perhaps just as important, the new design could dictate when the next iPhone actually hits stores" (by Dan Rowinski)


Now, you can become "cloud certified", thanks to Amazon Web Services

"On Tuesday, the company announced that 'the new AWS Certification Program helps to fill [a] need to recognize IT professionals that possess the skills and technical knowledge necessary for building and maintaining applications and services on the AWS Cloud'" (by Marv Dumon)


That latest episode of "The Ship Show", which covers a range of topics (including a recap of last week's ChefConf)

Included in the link above are notes on when the show begins talking about specific topics - The ChefConf recap starts at 16:29 (for example)


Brocade, Arista, and HP have all made some fairly large announcements lately about their Software-Defined Networking offerings



In case you missed it, here's what else we've been sharing this week:

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