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Weekly Recap - Google I/O, the Expanding Cloud, Configuring CERN, and More

Written by Sam Lee | May 17, 2013 6:47:02 PM

After taking a week off, the weekly updates are back! Here's some of the news that interested us over the past week:


Google I/O was this week, here's a quick recap of what was announced

"Google used its annual conference for software developers to unveil several new products, services and features. They include enhancements for online games, maps, search, music and photos and are meant to help the company cement its role in people’s technological lives" (by Dawn Magazine)


Adobe's move to the cloud has been met with some controversy (at this point the petition has OVER 9000 names)

Though it seems that the complaint of the petition (i.e. higher pricing) may be unwarranted:

"CNET's Stephen Shankland ran the numbers a few days after Adobe's announcement and found that there are a number of situations where Creative Cloud actually saves consumers money versus the various permutations of Adobe's now-dead Creative Suite." (by David Murphy)


Why Amazon "wins" at cloud computing

"As Amazon.com Inc seeks to transform itself into a leading provider of technology to the world’s largest corporations, it’s discovering that it needs help."


Even non-technology companies can benefit from using cloud for their infrastructure ...

"Always a leader in the beauty industry, L’Oréal now stands as a leader among companies looking to leverage the tremendous power of cloud analytics in everyday operations. It made its intentions known by signing a major three-year agreement with IBM for expert procurement services using an advanced cloud analytics solution that will transform the way L’Oréal USA, the cosmetics giant’s wholly-owned subsidiary, buys from its network of North American suppliers." (by sourya of CloudTweaks)


...Even the film industry can see benefits from using the cloud

"Cloud computing offers greater elasticity, instantaneous access and increased collaboration to the media industry. For example, media companies can spin up servers to meet immediate demand and then shut them down when they are no longer needed. This level of elasticity is ideal for the media industry's unique workflows and exploding data volumes, allowing companies to control cost by using only the resources they require for the period they require them." (by Robert Jenkins)


Looking to start a career in DevOps? Here's some interesting insight

"We have seen a surge in DevOps hiring over the past year and the most exciting part is that every new DevOps candidate hired seems to come from a different background." (by Ian Tushman)


How CERN keeps their IT under control

"When you're running the world's largest particle accelerator, smashing particles at nearly the speed of light to understand the Universe at its most basic levels, you'd better have a great IT strategy." (by Jon Brodkin)