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how to migrate a data center in 48 hours

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Testing with UpGuard during the migration only required 30 minutes — one-eighth the estimated time and 1,280 times faster than manual testing.

When one of Australia's big four banks acquired an insurance company they needed to consolidate the data centers. With the massive number of customers relying on both services during normal business hours, they needed to be able to pull off a flawless migration in 48 hours.

High Stakes

Even the smallest data center migrations always require precise planning and execution, but in this case the migration was both large — 160 servers — and time sensitive. As an enterprise consumer business, any downtime would result in losses of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Validating every configuration item on the servers was a requirement.

Automated Configuration Testing

In practice runs, the speed and accuracy of manual testing were compared to that of UpGuard. In both cases — and not surprisingly — UpGuard was the clear winner. Rather than bring in a huge team of manual testers, the migration team created all the configuration checks through UpGuard.

Executable Documentation

Creating tests through the UpGuard interface is not just easier than writing scripts by hand but more accurate and maintainable. After scanning the existing configurations of their servers, the migration team was able to add tests for those configurations directly from UpGuard. By removing any possibility for human error they were able to complete the testing well faster than anyone anticipated. How much faster? Read the case study to find out.

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