Configuration Monitoring

Prevent software failures and security gaps from reaching end-users and customers.

What is Configuration Monitoring?

Configuration Discovery is just the first piece of the puzzle—once you're able to visualize the configurations of your devices, you'll also need to enact policies to show you unexpected changes going forward, which is where monitoring comes in. The concept of proper Configuration Monitoring is rooted in the idea that deep visibility, custom policies, smart filtering, and intelligent alerting combined into one system is the best way to prevent configuration-related catastrophes before they occur.

Configuration Monitoring with UpGuard

IT environments these days-- both rudimentary and complex-- are constantly bombarded by change agents that threaten infrastructure integrity and stability. Unauthorized or accidental modifications, intrusion attempts, and a myriad of others scenarios can lead to environments quickly falling out of line with expectations. UpGuard’s policy-driven monitoring and testing automatically keeps watch over servers, desktops, routers, web applications, databases, and more to ensure that all IT assets are correctly and consistently configured.

An Overwatch for All Your Configurations


Whether it’s monitoring security configurations to maintain a strong security posture, tracking system changes to ensure compliance with regulatory measures, or any number of use cases that require keeping a constant watch over system configurations, UpGuard's powerful monitoring capabilities will alert you immediately when your infrastructure’s state has deviated from policy.

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