Continuous Delivery

UpGuard validates your software delivery pipeline for secure, bug-free deployments.

UpGuard and Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery (CD) enables low-risk, high frequency software releases to be deployed at any point during the application’s lifecycle. To support CD initiatives, organizations must have the proper mechanisms in place for validating and remediating items that may impact the system or environment’s production-readiness. This is especially crucial in today’s highly disparate infrastructures that are subject to frequent changes.

Enabling Better CD with UpGuard

For quality software deployable throughout its lifecycle, all constituent parts-- software code, system configurations, environment states—must be constantly validated for consistency and integrity across the deployment pipeline. To this end, UpGuard can discover any changes or discrepancies that will invariably lead to problems in production environments. With our platform, organizations can rest-assured that every build is released to customers on time, error-free.

Validate Your CD Pipeline's Integrity


UpGuard gives you the ability to ensure that quality and security are baked in to every deployment. The platform's automated, policy-driven monitoring and testing will scan your pipeline for vulnerabilities and inconsistencies that could lead to software failures and data breaches.

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