Continuous Security and Monitoring 

Continuous threats require ongoing vigilance to identify and close security gaps.

A Layered Approach to Security

The recent surge of commercially-driven cyber attacks has prompted organizations to shore up their efforts in combating cyber threats and preventing attacks. Despite this, the sophistication and success rate of hackers keeps increasing while the effectiveness of traditional security solutions and tactics is decreasing. Today’s threats require a layered approach to security-- one that moves beyond traditional perimeter-based networks and production environments to include today’s cloud infrastructures and continuous delivery/integration pipelines.

Security Overwatch for IT and DevOps

UpGuard enables organizations to maintain sustainable, resilient security model for weathering today and tomorrow’s threat landscape. Our platform validates the security posture of the entire delivery pipeline--from development to production--to ensure that critical vulnerabilities and misconfigurations are identified and addressed before reaching end-users. Furthermore, UpGuard can validate that traditional security mechanisms such as firewalls, routers, and IDPS products are working as expected, and are themselves free from vulnerabilities and misconfigurations.


Whether it’s monitoring configurations to maintain a strong security posture, tracking system changes to ensure compliance with regulatory measures, or any number of use cases that require keeping a constant watch over system configurations, UpGuard's powerful monitoring capabilities will alert you immediately when your infrastructure’s state has deviated from policy.

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