Continuous Testing

Comprehensive integrity testing for the entire CI and CD pipeline.

UpGuard and Continuous Testing

Frequent, ongoing testing is a cornerstone of successful continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD) efforts. Unfortunately, holistic measures for test are highly difficult to orchestrate and manage—and in most cases, automated testing processes are relegated to software unit and regression testing. While validating software builds is indeed critical, overarching software and service integrity requires a testing of all integration points and environments—from development to production.

Enabling Enterprise-Grade Continuous Testing

UpGuard validates the integrity of your software delivery pipeline and systems deployment processes with ongoing, automated policy-driven testing. This enables ongoing assessment and analysis for continuous improvement, as well as discovery and remediation of vulnerabilities and security gaps through OVAL-backed security monitoring. With our platform, organizations have a comprehensive solution for continuous, end-to-end testing.

Validate Your Entire CI/CD Pipeline


Whether it’s testing security configurations to maintain a strong security posture, tracking system changes to ensure compliance with regulatory measures, or any number of use cases that require keeping a constant watch over system configurations, UpGuard’s powerful monitoring capabilities will alert you immediately when your CI/CD pipeline environments have deviated from policy.

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