DevOps in a Box

DevOps doesn't come in a box.
You cannot download DevOps.
You cannot buy DevOps.
We've asked the question here before, Do DevOps tools really exist?, arguing that for something to be called a DevOps tool it must address both collaboration and automation. There are many tools that focus on automation only, but to do so at the expense of collaboration can mean Zero Sum DevOps.
We don't pretend that UpGuard is a silver bullet. You won't "do" DevOps by using it. We did build it with both collaboration and automation in mind though.
So if you like the sound of a platform with a beautiful UI and intuitive UX that ensures that all of your IT staff can collaborate on configurations -  a platform that automates the previously painful task of discovering and monitoring all of your configurations - then why not try UpGuard for free today.
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