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You can't improve what you can't see.

Discovering the state of your systems with UpGuard gives you a solid foundation to build great things.

Integrity Monitoring

UpGuard's complete integrity monitoring tracks changes to every component of every node for total visibility.

  • Files, ports, packages, and far more are all tracked in one place
  • Servers, network devices, containers– anything with an IP or an API
  • Monitor everything for audits but only alert on events you care about
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Visual Configuration Diffing

Modern software development relies on visual differencing, so why should systems administration be left behind?

  • Compare two or more nodes and see a heat map of all inconsistencies
  • Diff a server against itself at any point in time for root cause analysis
  • Anticipate change impacts with integrated change and policy visualizations
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Vulnerability Analytics

Detecting vulnerabilities early in the development cycle with automated detection can save you headaches and lost momentum.

  • No additional setup or fees: all features are part of the UpGuard platform.
  • OVAL-based vulnerability feeds from multiple vendors
  • Visualize vulnerabilities alongside changes and custom policies
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Every journey begins with discovery.

  • Continuous state discovery for painless audits
  • Visual diff of server configuration for anomaly detection
  • Integrated vulnerability assessment to reduce security cost
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