DevOps for Windows

For systems and network administrators, DevOps tends to evoke a certain degree of apprehension. Learn how it can specifically benefits these roles with this new ebook.

Once relegated to open source shops and dynamic, born-in-the-cloud software providers, DevOps is now widely adopted across organizations in a myriad of industries, from SaaS providers and hi-tech firms to financial services and banks. The methodology is becoming the de-facto way to manage software and IT services better and—unsurprisingly, since the vast majority of organizations are operating in Windows environments—DevOps for Windows has also come front and center as of late.

If you’re new to DevOps, this ebook can serve as a guide for your Windows-based organization’s initial foray into DevOps. For others, it may offer insights into what a DevOps-enabled Windows shop looks and feels like.

DevOps for Windows

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