upguard vs. tripwire

Trust your technology, so customers can trust you.

Businesses rely on technology, but they can't trust it. Trust requires the knowledge of what you have, the ability to control it effectively, and the insights to make good decisions quickly.

UpGuard provides these capabilities with the world's first cyber resilience platform. More than compliance, more than change validation, UpGuard helps businesses protect against breaches and outages so they can deliver digitally resilient services to their customers. Gathering a massive amount of data isn't enough. To reduce business risk, the automated curation of that data, tailored to an organization's specific needs, is required. See how UpGuard compares to Tripwire in this free eBook.

Download the eBook to discover:

• The background of Tripwire and its patchwork of outdated, acquired solutions
• The background of UpGuard as the world's first cyber resilience platform
• A straightforward side-by-side comparison with key differentiations between the two platforms