File Integrity Monitoring

UpGuard provides continuous validation of critical system files for maintaining infrastructure integrity.

Change Awareness for Quality and Security

Changes to critical system and configuration files are often red flags signaling a data breach, and at minimum—even if unintended or non-malicious—severely compromise software quality and service delivery. Drift is also a natural occurrence that if left undetected can introduce security flaws and software bugs into the environment. For this reason, file integrity monitoring is an integral function for bolstering information security and maintaining business continuity.

File Integrity Monitoring with UpGuard

UpGuard’s powerful file integrity monitoring capabilities automatically tracks files and their changes, alerting you immediately when alterations occur. The platform enables complete situational awareness around the file changes transpiring in your environment—a requirement for not only strong basic IT security, but for adherence to many compliance measures such as PCI DSS.

UpGuard tracks all the changes to your infrastructure's critical files and alerts you of any unauthorized or unintended alterations.

Whether it’s monitoring security configurations to maintain a strong security posture, tracking system changes to ensure compliance with regulatory measures, or any number of use cases that require keeping a constant watch over system configurations, UpGuard's powerful monitoring capabilities will alert you immediately when your infrastructure’s state has deviated from policy.